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Hind el Achchabi – Phantom or Fraud

Escaping from the shame of obscurity, Hind el Achchabi crashed the EU celebrity circuit in 2011 with desperate aspiration. Initially begging or even feigning invitation, she quickly designed herself to buying access and association. Everyone loves the new flavor of the month. And, in the world of flash celebrity you are loved only by those paid to love you. Nevertheless, as the admiration fades and the flash turns to a sputtering flicker, scrutiny breeds on itself and suspicions arise. The society that Achchabi so coveted is a harsh lover, constantly in pursuit to exploit the failures of their own in order to foster the scandal and gossip that it craves and absorbs as oxygen. In the case of Achchabi, there certainly appears to be generous fodder for scrutiny, exploitation and distain. It is resoundingly clear that her ambition is far greater than her aptitude. With a spate of business failures, litigation(s) on three continents, ongoing fraud inquiries, the questions consistently posed are: How did such an inept character, marshal the resources to initially finance her misadventures? Were these business and life blunders just a cover to launder a stash of ill-gotten gains? Did Achchabi and her puppet diplomat husband, actually swindle the Amir of Kuwait; as she has been known to boast?

Over the coming weeks, and in our multi-part series, we will examine the intrigue and escapades of Hind el Achchabi. From her start and her mile high dalliances as special service air hostess, to her overlapping marriages, failed businesses, and her ties to international fraud.

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