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Startups need to prepare for success to have success

Entrepreneurs are always chasing the next milestone. For a while, it’s all about making your first dollar. Then your first million. If you’re lucky — and good — you grow the company to a point where you can consider an exit. Sometimes it’s an IPO. More often it’s an acquisition. It’s exciting to have a large enterprise take interest in your company. But it’s also stressful to go under the microscope of a potential buyer. The hood is up. Now you need to answer some fundamental questions, including the most important: Can your product scale? You’ve always said it can… …read more

Blockchaining has moved beyond crypto — and you can make some serious money with it

Blockchaining is so new that few understand its full implications. But you can get aboard with this exciting technology now with the training in the Complete Ethereum Blockchain Mastery learning bundle. It’s on sale now for $29, an over 90 percent savings, from TNW Deals. …read more

How to launch your product on China’s popular Xiaohongshu fashion platform

While most of you are using Amazon and eBay, people in China are shopping on sites and apps like Tmall, Taobao, JD, Suning, Kaola, VIP.com, and the very popular new kid on the block, Xiaohongshu. Xiaohongshu (小红书), or Little Red Book, first came to my attention when I heard two colleagues discussing beauty products. “I’ve been looking for waterproof eyeliner for a while but I can’t find a good one. I even tried the bestsellers on a few platforms but they don’t work for me. The online reviews don’t seem very reliable,” one of them said. “Lots of …read more

7 detailed tips on how to improve you website in 2018

It’s no secret that Google loves technically excellent sites. If you want your sites to rank as well as possible, there’s no substitute for ensuring that you’re nailing the basics and doing everything you can beyond that. While some aspects of technical excellence have always been important, in this article I want to focus on seven reasons that your site isn’t performing as well as it could be in 2018. If you can fix these issues, your site will be in the best position possible for this year and the foreseeable future. 1. Optimizing for mobile Mobile site visits currently… …read more

5 things to keep in mind when designing a product for developers

Ever since the beginning of time, there have been two kinds of people: The left-brainers – methodical thinkers who uses their logical and analytical skills to solve problems; and the right-brainers who tend to rely on feeling and intuition, are driven by inspiration and often think in a visual way.In today’s tech community, we often associate these two groups of people with designers and developers. Of course, this statement is rather stereotypic. Designers often back their visual decisions on actual data and analytics, methodically analyze complex user flows, and sometimes (gasp!) even code. Developers think creatively, experimenting with different solutions… …read more