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Ed Sheeran denounces use of song in anti-abortion campaign in Ireland

Days out from Irish referendum, Sheeran says use of Small Bump in anti-abortion campaign ‘does not reflect what the song is about’

Ed Sheeran has denounced anti-abortion campaigners after reports they used one of his songs less than a week before Ireland’s referendum on abortion.

The British pop star’s song Small Bump was reportedly being played by anti-abortion activists campaigning in Dublin’s city centre. Sheeran distanced himself from those using his song, saying in a post on Instagram that “it does not reflect what the song is about”.

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Poorest and brightest girls more likely to be depressed – UK study

Research into 14-year-olds renews concern over rising rates of teenage mental illness

Brighter girls and girls from poorer families are more likely to be depressed by the time they enter adolescence, according to a study triggering fresh concern about soaring rates of teenage mental illness.

The government-funded research identified the two groups as being most at risk of displaying high symptoms of depression at the age of 14. In contrast, more intelligent boys and boys from the most deprived backgrounds appear not to suffer from the mental troubles that affect their female peers, the academics discovered.

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Trump administration to revive Reagan-era abortion ‘gag’ rule

Rule will ban federally funded clinics from discussing abortion
Clinics to be barred from sharing space with abortion providers

Donald Trump’s administration will reinstate a decades-old policy that will strip federal funds from family planning clinics providing abortion or related services, marking its latest salvo to curtail women’s reproductive rights.

The Department of Health and Human Services will announce the proposal on Friday, an administration official confirmed to the Guardian. The move would revive a policy first implemented by Ronald Reagan in 1988, which effectively barred reproductive health organizations that received federal grants from providing or even discussing abortion with patients.

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Guernsey parliament votes against assisted dying

Proposal sought to restrict euthanasia to people with less than six months to live and full mental capacity

An attempt to legalise assisted dying in Guernsey has been defeated in the island’s parliament after a three-day debate.

Members of the legislature voted against a requete – similar to a private member’s bill – proposed by Guernsey’s chief minister, Gavin St Pier. A series of votes on different clauses were lost decisively.

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Cancer patient waited 541 days for NHS treatment, report says

Longest waits for cancer treatment have soared in England since 2010, data obtained by Labour suggests

The longest waits for cancer treatment in England have soared since 2010, with one patient waiting 541 days, analysis suggests.

Two-thirds of NHS trusts reported having at least one cancer patient waiting more than six months last year, while almost seven in 10 (69%) trusts said they had a worse longest wait than in 2010. This was reflected in the average longest wait rising to 213 days – 16 days longer than in the year the Conservatives entered government.

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