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Inflammatory language amid the battle of Brexit | Letters

Peter McKenna on the impact of free-market economics on employment conditions; William Wallace on defending reasoned debate; Jonathan Tuppeny on the Daily Mail’s shifting stance on the EU; Frank Field on fulfilling his responsibility to his roots

Gaby Hinsliff unwittingly exposes a key fault line that produced a seismic referendum result (Brexiters have a choice: visa caps or doctors, 13 June). She assumes that “foreigners” are essential to staff care homes and hospitals, and pick farm crops – and at the same time that leavers simply share a “passionate desire for fewer foreigners to be working here”.

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Sir Matt Busby airbrushed from Liverpool FC history? | Brief letters

Upskirting | Sir Matt Busby | Sign language | Vegetarianism | Thameslink | Clive James

Once the law is eventually passed to class upskirting as the criminal offence it clearly is (Upskirting bill is blocked by single Tory objection, 16 June), can the powers that be take this opportunity to give it a more appropriate name? Upskirting sounds like something you would purchase by the yard at B&Q, rather than the sexually abusive, insidious crime that it really is.
Maggie D’Araujo

• Kenny Dalglish, the first knighted ex-Liverpool player (Report, 9 June; Letters, 13 June)? What about …read more

Theresa May under fire over NHS ‘Brexit dividend’ claim

Assertion that post-EU windfall can help fund £20bn injection ‘treats public as fools’, says Tory MP

Theresa May is under pressure to justify how a so-called Brexit dividend could help pay for a planned £20bn annual funding rise for the NHS, as her announcement on extra health spending was met with scepticism.

The prime minister told the BBC the government’s 10-year spending plan for the health service in England – which she will formally unveil on Monday – would involve “significantly more money going into the NHS”.

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Theresa May’s NHS pledge decried as sticking plaster

Health Foundation says new funding not enough to put right damage of austerity years

Theresa May’s plans to increase NHS funding by 3.4% is a “sticking plaster” that is insufficient to drive real improvement in the health service, one of the UK’s most influential thinktanks said on Sunday.

Reacting to the news of May’s proposed £20bn annual rise in funding over a decade, several organisations suggested it was less than needed to drive improvements, and would rather only stem the NHS’s decline.

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