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Vaginal mesh surgery exposed women to ‘unacceptable risks’

Government finally acknowledges the ‘tragedy’ inflicted on thousands of women, and agrees mesh should only have been used as an extreme measure

Women have been exposed to unacceptable risks through the use of vaginal mesh surgery, the government has acknowledged for the first time, as fresh evidence has revealed that thousands of women have suffered traumatic complications.

In a parliamentary debate on the use of the implants, Jackie Doyle-Price, junior minister at the Department of Health, said it was a “tragedy” that women who had put their trust in the medical establishment had “come out with the most debilitating injuries”.

Tessa Jowell hailed as an inspiration during MPs’ cancer debate

Former Labour minister who has brain tumour visits parliament to campaign for cancer treatment

Tessa Jowell, the former Labour minister who helped bring the Olympics to London, has been praised by MPs across the parties as an inspiration.

Before the debate began the Speaker, John Bercow, welcomed Jowell and her family to the gallery in a highly unusual intervention.

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Centenarian club: wealthiest investors expect to reach 100

A UBS poll reveals more than half of high-net worth individuals are confident of such a milestone

More than half of the world’s wealthiest investors expect to live to the age of 100, according to a survey.

UBS wealth management polled 5,000 high-net worth individuals (HNWIs), defined as having at least $1m in investable assets, across 10 countries including Germany, the UK, US and Taiwan, and found that 53% were confident of becoming centenarians. This is considerably higher than the 80-year life expectancy in most developed countries.

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You want to be pregnant. You’re depressed. A tough choice lies ahead

What is it like to try for a baby when the medication you take for depression doesn’t mix well with pregnancy?

Throughout my teens, I was adamant I didn’t want children. I thought they were annoying, sticky money pits who had no business being near me. I was a sad and corny teen.

Now I’m 30. I’m still sad, but I’m not broke, and I have a husband. My feelings on the child situation have changed. I’m more open to it now. I think it was a combination of seeing other people with kids and, as I’ve gotten older, having more …read more

Patients with multiple conditions not getting best possible care, say experts

Too often patients are treated by a raft of different specialists when they should be treated more holistically

Millions of people in the UK and many more across the world are suffering from multiple long-term illnesses and may not be getting the best possible treatment from health services that focus on one disease at a time, say experts.

A team from the Academy of Medical Sciences in the UK says this is a growing problem and a huge potential burden on the NHS and other health services. “Clusters” of diseases are becoming more common, they say, such as type 2 diabetes, …read more