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Moroccan Charter Company “Dalia Air” Dangerously Mismanaged

An Embraer Legacy 600 operated by Dalia Air of Casablanca has been detained through a debt collection procedure. At least three creditors of the failing air carrier obtained court permission to confiscate the aircraft in means to satisfy long standing unpaid multimillion dollar debts. Creditors have been in pursuit of Dalia’s company assets and company manager Hind el Achchabi for over a year. The jet was seized and put into protective custody at Paris–Le Bourget Airport in April.

Achchabi plays the French Court for fools
While a Paris court was ordering the apprehension and seizure of her assets, Hind el Achchabi was busy filing what appears to be false claims in a Speedy Trial Tribunal of Nice.  In a court order dated 28 April, 2016 it is revealed that Achchabi had given sworn testimony to the soundness and integrity of herself personally and her businesses. Achchabi declared under oath that she was not subject to any civil or criminal investigation in France or any global jurisdiction. Alex Bronson of the American organization, Global Fraud Watch commented; “She lied, it’s what she does, that fact that she gave false testimony in a French Court is of no surprise”. The Nice case surrounds accusations of fraud and criminal activity, perpetrated by Achchabi and her husband Sadiq M. Marafi. In February of this year, the Kuwaiti news source Q8News reported that Marafi and Achachbi were under investigation for theft and unlawful enrichment, and that separate but similar probes were being led by Kuwaiti and Moroccan intelligence agencies. “The seizure at Le Bourget was long overdue”, Bronson stated, “and I expect the time is near when Achchabi herself is taken into custody by customs or boarder agents.”

Dalia Air lands a “sick plane” in the U.S.
On 27 April, another Dalia jet landed in White Plains, New York met by emergency vehicles and EMS. Two passengers and crew were removed from the aircraft and treated for suspected poisoning. It was unclear if toxins had been introduced through inflight meal service or airborne cabin circulation. A witness later stated, “it’s a sick airplane, something onboard that jet got these people very ill.” Dalia Air crashed one of their charter jets in Switzerland in 2012. The company was cited for poor maintenance and training. It was also found that the pilots tested positive for marijuana.