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‘We might poke the bear:’ GOP senator rips into party for blocking move to roll back tariffs

“95 per cent of the people on this side of the aisle, at least intellectually support this amendment…A lot of them would vote for it if it came to vote, but no. We might poke the bear!” said Corker in an impassioned speech. …read more

Review: This iHoment digital picture frame is the father’s day gift I deserve

With Father’s Day just around the corner it’s time to get your last minute Amazon orders in. And if your dad is anything like me, he’d love nothing more than to stare at your face all day long. But you’ve both got things to do, so consider this iHoment smart photo frame instead. It’s one of those devices that tries to do a lot of things at once. It’s a digital picture frame with a 10-inch touchscreen that features voice control and video calling. At first-glance I felt the iHoment was a bit of overkill. But once I got to… …read more

Dementia risk to 50-year-olds with raised blood pressure – study

Possible reason for link could be damage from silent or mini-strokes, researchers say

Fifty-year-olds with slightly raised blood pressure are at an increased risk of getting dementia in later life, a new study has suggested.

Study participants had a greater risk even if they did not have other heart-related problems, the research published in the European Heart Journal said.

Related: Rigorous exercise does not halt dementia decline, study concludes

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Frustrated AMA Adopts Sweeping Policies to Cut Gun Violence

With frustration mounting over lawmakers’ inaction on gun control, the American Medical Association on Tuesday pressed for a ban on assault weapons and came out against arming teachers as a way to fight what it calls a public health crisis.

At its annual policymaking meeting, the nation’s largest physicians group bowed to unprecedented demands from doctor-members to take a stronger stand on gun violence — a problem the organizations says is as menacing as a lethal infectious disease.

The action comes against a backdrop of recurrent school shootings, everyday street violence in the nation’s inner cities, and rising U.S. suicide rates.

“We as …read more

Ovie’s Smarterware is like Tupperware that tracks when your food will go bad

We’ve ll been there. You buy $100 worth of groceries, only to have some of it go bad because you forgot about it in the back of the fridge. In fact, the NRDC estimates that Americans end up throwing away 40 percent of the food they bring home. The solution is simple: keep better track of your food and when it’ll go bad. Smart refrigerators from the likes of Samsung and LG have tried to fix this, but most people don’t have the time or money to acquire a new multi-thousand dollar appliance. Enter Ovie’s Smarterware. Rather than trying to… …read more