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The robot will see you now: how AI could revolutionise NHS

From diagnosis to recovery, machines could take on a range of jobs, a new report suggests

Robots could soon help hospital patients eat their meals, diagnose serious illnesses and even help people recover from operations, in an artificial intelligence revolution in the NHS, a new report predicts.

Machines could take over a wide range of tasks currently done by doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and administrative staff, according to a leading thinktank.

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Converting bad fat to good fat: a new means of tackling obesity

Scientists develop a method of turning white fat to brown fat, which burns calories faster

Scientists have developed a radical approach to treating obesity in which “bad” white fat is converted into “good” brown fat tissue that burns calories far more rapidly.

So far the technology, which involves converting fat cells in a bioreactor, has only been tested in human cells and in mice, but if the technique is shown to work in human trials it could prove to be an effective treatment for diabetes and obesity.

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Antibiotic resistance could be countered by anti-bacterial viruses

Research found some patients had lower E coli levels after being given cocktail of ‘phages’

Viruses that invade bacteria but leave human cells alone could help scientists find ways around the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, researchers have said.

A study has showed that a cocktail of bacteriophages, or “phages”, resulted in no side effects when given to individuals with gastrointestinal problems and did not appear to greatly disrupt the diversity of microbes in the gut – the so-called gut microbiota. But they did reduce levels of one marker of inflammation and certain problematic species of bacteria.