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2020 Census Test Has Critics Counting Concerns, Not People

The success of the 2020 census, which will be the first to include an online survey, could hinge on a single “dress rehearsal” underway right now in Rhode Island. So far, many locals aren’t impressed.

Providence County, the state’s most populous, is the only place where the Census Bureau is running a full test, after plans to test two other sites this year were canceled because of a lack of funding from Congress. A planned question about citizenship that has states suing the federal government isn’t on the test.

Several elected officials and leaders of advocacy and community groups this week held …read more

Tax on sugary drinks will only be partly effective, claims study

Young people may turn to less-sweet drinks, but those who already have high-sugar diets unlikely to change habits

The new sugar tax on soft drinks may see young people switch to healthier beverages, but it is unlikely to help those who have a high-sugar diet, a new study finds.

Three economists at the Institute for Fiscal Studies – Pierre Dubois, Rachel Griffith and Martin O’Connell – have raised questions about the efficacy of the government’s soft drinks industry levy.

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Irish novelist warns of Brexit-style revolt against elite on abortion vote

As referendum day nears, Patrick McCabe says Dublin media liberals could pay for snobbery towards rural Ireland

One of Ireland’s most critically acclaimed novelists has warned that the country’s referendum on abortion in May could be a “Brexit/Trump” moment for Ireland, exposing similar divisions between rural voters and city-dwellers.

Patrick McCabe, the author of bestsellers The Butcher Boy and Breakfast on Pluto, both made into feature films, said there was a danger that sections of the “metropolitan media in Dublin” could alienate voters in rural constituencies and help usher in a no vote against abortion reform.

It may be …read more

Pipeline Spill in South Dakota Twice as Big as First Thought

A crude oil spill from the Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota last November has turned out to be nearly twice as big as first reported.

Around 407,000 gallons (338,900 imperial gallons) spilled onto farmland when the pipeline broke near Amherst in Marshall County on November 16, a spokeswoman for pipeline owner TransCanada Corp. told the Aberdeen American News. TransCanada had originally put the spill at 210,000 gallons (174,860 imperial gallons).

The new number would make the spill the seventh-largest onshore oil or petroleum product spill since 2010, as reported to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Repairs have since been made and the cleanup …read more