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Daily Archives: March 2, 2018

Central Michigan University: Suspect’s Parents Killed at Dormitory

Police in camouflage uniforms searched neighborhoods near Central Michigan University on Friday for a 19-year-old student suspected of fatally shooting two people at a dormitory and then running from campus.

Central Michigan University confirmed that the two people killed were James Davis Sr. and Diva Davis, both 47, and the parents of the suspect, university officials said on Twitter.

James Davis Sr. was a police officer in Bellwood, Illinois, Emanuel Chris Welch, an Illinois state lawmaker, said in a post on Twitter.

Police released a photo of James Eric Davis Jr., urging the public to call 911 if they see him but also …read more

Cryptocurrency News March 2 – better late than never

So I had a bunch of stuff to do today so this is late. This isn’t my fault. You’re at fault for demanding I take time out of my busy way of tweeting curse words at an account that I believe to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Grand theft crypto 600 mining computers were stolen in Iceland according to some guys with some really long names! The 600 computers over the course of 40 years could mine at least half a Bitcoin. It’s a difficulty joke folks! Anyway, genuinely wonder how this affects cloud mining company Hashflare, which is based in Iceland.… …read more

Peak Bloom for DC’s Famed Cherry Trees Is Coming Early

Washington’s cherished cherry tree blossoms signal the unofficial start of spring in the nation’s capital, and it looks like it’s coming a bit early this year.

The National Park Service announced Thursday that the projected peak date for the blossoms along the Tidal Basin would be March 17 to March 20.

Park Service spokesman Mike Litterst said April 4 is the historical average date for peak bloom, which is the day when 70 percent of the blossoms are open in trees around the Tidal Basin.

This year’s National Cherry Blossom Festival will run from March 20 to April 15.

Considered the world’s …read more

Jack calls in reinforcements to measure Twitter’s toxicity

Twitter’s CEO has officially waved the white flag and called for outside help fixing the site’s toxicity. Specifically, he’s asked for help defining a metric of “conversational health” on Twitter. While it’s good to see Twitter attempt to find a system for controlling the behavior of its users, human beings are too complicated to be algorithmically guided into playing nice. It’s no secret that Twitter has, in recent months, been forced to face its epidemic of negativity, from Russian bots to the spread of fake news. Obviously, now’s the time for contrition and public vows to fix its business. CEO… …read more