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Germany’s Foreign Ministry Network Breached By Russian ‘Fancy Bear’ Hackers

German officials announced on Wednesday that the government’s information technology networks had been breached and that the evidence behind the attack pointed to the same Russian hacking group that’s been implicated in several high-profile cyber attacks across Europe and the United States, according to The Washington Post. The interior ministry released a statement which acknowledged the breach, which had been known since December after security experts uncovered malware hidden in the secure computer networks of the foreign ministry. German media outlets also said that the defense ministry was affected. An anonymous senior security official said the Federal Office for the …read more

Whoops: YouTube accidentally removed several alt-right channels

YouTube appears to have removed several political channels in the wake of recent events. Now it’s saying those channels were mistakenly removed by overeager moderators. I may have spoken too soon when I pointed out that YouTube’s algorithm is doing a bad job and the company needed to get more human eyes on its videos, because apparently the human moderators are just as easily confused. The Outline compiled a list of the affected channels, which include conspiracy theorists, gun hobbyists, and alt-right voices. According to YouTube, it was an accident caused by inexperienced new employees. A spokesperson told Bloomberg: As …read more

Only a third of pancreatic cancer patients receive treatment

Charity calls for ‘step change’ in approach, urging consistency of care and earlier diagnosis

Two-thirds of pancreatic cancer patients are being told that there is no way of treating their illness after they have been given a diagnosis, a charity has warned.

Analysis by the charity Pancreatic Cancer UK found that only 34% of those diagnosed will receive some kind of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It said that patients with other cancers are more than twice as likely to receive life-extending or potentially life-saving treatments. The majority of pancreatic cancer patients (80%) are diagnosed at a late stage, which usually means …read more

The culture of crypto mining is changing: here’s how

Cryptocurrencies have become a major topic of interest in the United States, in part due to the extreme volatility of the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Bitcoin rose from a modest value (under $1,000) to more than $15,000 in the span of a year, and now hovers between $6,000 and $12,000, with wild fluctuations throughout the days and weeks. It’s a potentially lucrative investment, but also a risky one—especially considering how new the concept of cryptocurrencies really is. In addition to buying and selling cryptocurrencies, consumers are more actively involving themselves in crypto mining, the process of creating new digital currency. But… …read more