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Conflict of interest in child obesity report | Letters

Four former members of the expert working group recruited by the Centre for Social Justice report on childhood obesity write that the involvement of Danone and Asda in the project must bring into question its findings

This Thursday sees the publication of the Centre for Social Justice report on childhood obesity. We write as former members of the expert working group that the CSJ recruited for this project. The CSJ was financed by Asda and Danone for this project, though the expert group were not told this from the start, despite the obvious conflict of interest. Danone is the largest supplier …read more

More Than 50 Mayors Sign Pact Promising To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Over 50 mayors from major metropolis metropolises to small towns gathered in Chicago on Wednesday to sign a formal agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their cities after the Trump administration made it clear they were not prioritizing climate change, according to National Public Radio. The mayors also agreed to meet goals similar to those listed in the Paris climate accord which President Donald Trump announced earlier this year that the US would withdraw from. Former President Barack Obama, who signed the Paris agreement in 2015, appeared on Tuesday to show his support for the mayors and deliver a …read more

Apple claims its data-gathering method doesn’t invade your privacy — much

Apple today published a paper on its Machine Learning Journal which addressed the topic of differential privacy, and how it can be used to protect user privacy in a time when every business needs to gather increasing amounts of data. This method addressed the fundamental quandary Apple and companies like it face: how to improve user experience, which involves collecting data, without sacrificing privacy. The company proposes the use of local differential privacy, instead of central — in other words, the individual user’s device uses noise to mix up any data before it’s received by a central server. According to …read more

Gay Man To Run Against Kentucky County Clerk Who Denied Him Marriage License

A gay man who was denied a marriage license in Kentucky two years ago by a county clerk who refused to issue licenses for same-sex marriages said Wednesday he will run to unseat her next year, Reuters reports. David Ermold, of Morehead, Kentucky, announced his candidacy as a Democrat against Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, who drew worldwide attention when she refused to grant the licenses to same-sex couples, citing Apostolic Christian beliefs. Ermold and his partner were one of the four couples who sued Davis. Ermold gave a phone interview to Reuters after announcing his candidacy on Facebook.“We need …read more

Facebook won the war for your mind. Now it wants your children.

Fashioning a noose from a scarf, 14-year-old Naika Venant ignored the pleas of Facebook Live viewers as she wrapped the makeshift hanging device from a shower rod, ending her own life. When the stream ended just over an hour later, all that remained was a lifeless body police found in the bathroom just feet from her sleeping foster parents. Venant’s story is tragic, as are those of Ayhan Uzun, Katelyn Nicole Davis, Frederick Jay Bowdy, and countless others who attempted, or successfully committed suicide in front of a live audience. Facebook denies any culpability. The social network promises it’s taking… …read more