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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Jimmy Frangi from SSH Maritime

“Boat building is as much an art form as it a science. It is a statement of execution that exceeds the sum of its parts. There exists a disparity among yacht builders today. There are those with capacity and those with creativity. I’ve seen small yards with a minimum crew producing world class products, while big builders with big overhead struggle to overcome quotas and queries.

To watch the daily operations of a boat being built, from the ground, up, you might have a different perspective then you would while strolling along the docks at a boat show, where sultry lines, over-the-top displays and smiling faces soon separate you from your better judgment. Long before the elements that entice, this beauty was a beast. She was as rough as 50-grit and she had more issues than a desperate housewife. She was a model in the making, but she was dusty, dirty, barely built and most of her parts were lying on the floor. And guess what… this is exactly where you want to meet her. At this stage, you can see her foundation, her lamination and the calcium in her bones. You get to see how she’s wired and why her plumbing is so complicated.

Attention to detail, passion and purpose are the building blocks of success, but what worked yesterday is not necessarily competitive today. Complacency and arrogance are the hallmarks of certain names held in high esteem. We, as consumers are guilty of heralding this history. Today, we have better choices available if we look beyond a name and embrace who’s behind the build. I’ve said this before and it bears repeating… boats are made from the same materials, but the people who build them are very different.

In her lifetime she’ll leave a long list of owners, captains and names on her stern, all soon forgotten as sub-notes in her history. But the one name that will always remain and serve her legacy is yours… the builder.”
Jimmy Frangi,
CEO SSH Maritime