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Microsoft will reportedly reveal cheaper ‘Xbox Series S’ in August

For almost as long as we’ve known about the Xbox Series X – even back when it was called Project Scarlett — we’ve also heard rumors of a second next-gen console codenamed ‘Lockhart’. Those rumors seemed to die down when Microsoft unveiled the Series X, only to pick back up again the past few weeks as mounting evidence suggested the company does indeed have a cheaper alternative on the way. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the naming scheme for the company’s last few consoles, the cheaper alternative is expected to be called ‘Xbox Series S. According to Eurogamer, Microsoft plans on unveiling the console…

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Measles Mumps and Rubella Vaccine May Protect Some People from COVID-19

Something data crunchers have noticed during the coronavirus pandemic: countries with recent outbreaks of measles have fewer deaths and serious illnesses from the coronavirus. Is this a coincidence? Or is there something about the measles mumps and rubella vaccine that protects against the worst outcomes of the coronavirus? We learn more from VOA’s Carol Pearson.

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