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The CEO of pogo stick-sharing startup Cangaroo insists his company isn’t a hoax

I just got off the phone with Adam Mikkelsen, founder and CEO of shared mobility startup Cangaroo, who insists that his company is totally real. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s back up. Cangaroo is a pogo stick-sharing startup that hails from Stockholm, Sweden. It operates on the same basis as Bird and Lime, with users paying based on their usage. The main difference is, well… pogo sticks. That alone raises eyebrows. And then there’s the fact that the company is owned by ODD Company, a branding and communications agency that has produced viral stunts for companies like Carlsberg,… …read more

This AI-powered bot is learning how to tweet like Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin

There’s a new form of artificial intelligence that mimics Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin with alarming accuracy. Vitalik Boterin is a bot powered by machine learning (ML). It regularly tweets unique nuggets of wisdom that read eerily similar to the real deal, like this one. The idea that *all* problems can be solved by “maximalism” is to many people a familiar theme of this space; I call it “optimism as a store-of-value” — Vitalik Boterin (@VBoterin) May 14, 2019 Unlike the organic version, Boterin doesn’t need to eat and sleep, so it can drop knowledge round-the-clock. Here’s another recently shared by …read more

Sign this petition to stop Craig Wright from copyrighting the Bitcoin white paper

An online petition to remove Craig Wright’s name from a copyright claim submitted earlier this week has surfaced after his latest effort to lay claim to the fact he authored the original Bitcoin white paper. In an attempt to scratch his latest patent filing fetish itch, the Satoshi Nakamoto impersonator tried to put his name against the Bitcoin white paper and code by filing a registration with the US Copyright Office, CoinDesk reported yesterday. Naturally, the cryptocurrency community hasn’t taken this lying down. One enterprising individual took it upon themselves to make a Change.org petition to remove Wright’s name from… …read more

Everything that happened on Huawei’s Wednesday from hell

Huawei is having a horrible week, and it’s only Wednesday. Last Thursday, the Trump Administration placed the Chinese technology conglomerate on an Entity List, preventing US companies from doing business with it. And now we’re seeing Europe-based companies flee from Huawei, perhaps in an effort to avoid running afoul of the American authorities. Based in leafy Cambridge for all 28 years of its existence, and owned by Japan’s SoftBank, Arm Holdings’ designs form the basis of every smartphone processor in existence. According to a memo obtained by the BBC, ARM Holdings is instructing staff to suspend business with Huawei, over… …read more

Kenya is allegedly selling citizen data to highest corporate bidder

According to Dr. Roselyn K. Akombe, Chief of Policy Planning and Guidance at the United Nations and ex-commissioner of Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), the country’s government is going to sell all the citizen data collected through the Huduma Namba exercise to the highest bidder. Her statement came after President Uhuru Kenyatta extended the deadline for Huduma Namba registration by another week. Kenya’s Huduma Namba initiative, which the government has stated is to unify all Kenyans personal data into one database, has been both lauded and criticized as some have pointed out that it is unnecessary given how …read more