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Former Facebook moderators sound alarm over treatment of workers ahead of US election

Ex-moderators tell the Guardian Facebook underpays and mistreats contractors responsible for policing hate speech

Alison Trebacz, a former Facebook content moderator based in Arizona, remembers the day of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, which killed 58 people and injured more than 800 others, almost as if she were there.

She came into work that morning expecting to see graphic content, but nothing could have prepared her for the queues full of videos of dead and dying victims waiting for her when she arrived.

I was really starting to lose myself, just seeing the worst of humanity every day

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‘Shocking’ hack of psychotherapy records in Finland affects thousands

Distressed patients flood support services after hack of private firm Vastaamo

The confidential treatment records of tens of thousands of psychotherapy patients in Finland have been hacked and some leaked online, in what the interior minister described as “a shocking act”.

Distressed patients flooded victim support services over the weekend as Finnish police revealed that hackers had accessed records belonging to the private company Vastaamo, which runs 25 therapy centres across Finland. Thousands have reportedly filed police complaints over the breach.

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Survey uncovers widespread belief in ‘dangerous’ Covid conspiracy theories

False claims that pandemic is a hoax or was started deliberately are attracting adherents around world

Significant numbers of people around the world believe Covid-19 was created deliberately, has killed far fewer people than reported, or is a hoax and does not actually exist, according to a global survey.

Along with belief in other conspiracy theories – such as that the world is run by a secret cabal – the YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Project, a survey of about 26,000 people in 25 countries designed in collaboration with the Guardian, found widespread and concerning scepticism about vaccine safety.

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Seven months of Covid: reflections from healthcare workers in England

Increasing frustration, exhaustion and PTSD symptoms are some of the challenges facing those at the pandemic’s frontline

As the number of people in hospital with coronavirus rises amid a second wave of infections, healthcare workers in England reflect on the seven months since the start of the pandemic and on what has changed.

Demand on healthcare services normally increases at this time of year and with varying coronavirus rates around the country, some frontline staff are facing the impact of the pandemic, while others share their concerns about non-Covid patients not getting the medical help they need.

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Mona Campbell obituary

My mother, Mona Campbell, who has died aged 99, was a pioneer among women practising medicine in Ireland. Matriculating to Trinity College Dublin at the age of 16, she qualified in 1943, one of only three women to graduate in medicine that year. She was delighted when, more than 50 years later, she was awarded an honorary MA by a female pro-chancellor, Susan Denham, to mark the millennium.

Mona was one of the last people to be born a British citizen in southern Ireland; she was from Newbliss in County Monaghan, where her parents, Emily (nee Donaldson) and Thomas Kelly, were farmers.

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