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Ministers launch £40m pilot scheme to trial wider access to slimming jab

Less regulation of weight-loss drug would make Wegovy accessible to more people

Ministers are launching a £40m pilot scheme to trial wider access to the controversial slimming jab Wegovy, to examine how people could receive the drug outside hospitals.

Under current advice from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence drugs regulator, Wegovy is only given via specialist weight management services, usually based in hospitals.

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Syphilis cases at highest level for 75 years in England last year

Figures also show gonorrhoea diagnoses rose by 50% to 82,600 – the biggest increase since records began in 1918

Cases of syphilis were at their highest level in 75 years in England last year while gonorrhoea cases increased by a record amount, figures show, amid concern over funding cuts to sexual health services.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is urging people to use condoms, calling them “the best line of defence”, and advises people to go for a test if they have recently had unprotected sex.

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Walking and yoga ‘can cut risk of cancer spreading or returning’

Three studies add weight to growing evidence that physical activity can help patients who have the disease

Walking for 30 minutes a day and practising yoga can help reduce fatigue in cancer patients and cut the risk of the disease spreading, coming back or resulting in death, research suggests.

Globally, more than 18 million people develop cancer every year. It is well known that being inactive raises your risk of various forms of the disease.

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Who should be responsible for mental health care? | Letters

A lecturer says it would be dangerous for staff and students if university employees had to provide mental health care. Plus letters from Bob Holland and Marie Davis

I’m writing in response to your article on mental health support for students in universities (Parents outline ‘woeful’ mental health support for students at UK universities, 2 June). Amid arguments that universities should become quasi-mental health service providers, university staff are already struggling under pressure to support mental health.

My mother is a mental health professional. She had nine years of university and three years of on-the-job training. I had nine years of university and three years of on-the-job training to become a lecturer. My mother’s training involved learning how to protect her own wellbeing while helping others. My training did not. Most university staff are not mental health professionals, and the few who are need more support.

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I’m a trans teen in Missouri. Why is the state trying to take away my healthcare? | Chelsea Freels

Gender-affirming care has helped many people like me. Yet earlier this year, the state of Missouri decided that transgender kids had too many rights

According to a Washington Post-KFF poll, only 43% of cisgender people (a person whose gender identity aligns with their assigned sex at birth) know a transgender person, so allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Chelsea Freels and I use she/her pronouns. I’m a transgender junior at Clayton high school in Missouri. I love learning about psychology, computer science, and political and queer theory. After the pandemic relinquished its grip enough to open schools, I joined and have helped lead the business and media side of Clayton high school’s first robotics team. (Go RoboHounds!)

Chelsea Freels is a transgender activist and a junior at Clayton high school

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