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Stroke deaths in England halved in a decade, study finds

Prevention is key, especially with rising rates of obesity, researchers say

Stroke deaths in England have halved in the past 10 years thanks to better treatment, research suggests.

The number of strokes has fallen among older people, who have been the target of medical interventions to control their blood pressure, such as prescription of statins. But those younger than 55 are having more strokes, probably as a result of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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Years after my son died in NHS care, state-sanctioned torture continues | Sara Ryan

Official reports into restraint, segregation and death are harrowing. But the government doesn’t care

Torture is the word I used this week to describe the treatment of children and young adults in private and NHS units, following publication of a Care Quality Commission report about the use of restraint and segregation in these places. The report detailed accounts of being locked in rooms without access to the outside, fed through hatches, for weeks, months or even years. One boy had not been washed for six months, while staff had to shout at another young man through a window because …read more

Personal care should be free for over-65s, says thinktank

Institute for Public Policy Research believes move needs to be funded by 2p tax rise

Older people should receive free help to eat, wash and get dressed in a move which would improve their health but need to be funded by a 2p tax rise, a thinktank has said.

The proposal, by the left-of-centre Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), highlights the growing political consensus that personal care should become free for over-65s. If implemented, it would bring England into line with Scotland, where such care has been free since 2002.

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Higher education staff suffer ‘epidemic’ of poor mental health

Research shows steep increase in referrals to counselling and occupational health services

The number of university workers accessing counselling and occupational health services has shot up, according to research which describes “an epidemic” of poor mental health among higher education staff.

Freedom of information requests revealed that at one university, staff referrals to counselling services went up more than 300% over a six-year period up to 2015 while, at another, referrals to occupational health soared by more than 400%.

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Manchester police defend prosecution of two mentally ill people

Women who tried to kill themselves were charged this year after causing traffic jams

A police force has defended its decision to prosecute two mentally ill women who were charged after they caused traffic jams when trying to kill themselves.

Greater Manchester police (GMP) charged the two this year following the incidents. The force said it would review both cases and stressed prosecution was “rarely a course of action for someone with a mental health condition”.

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